The importance of paid Hosting

The importance of paid Hosting

Paid hosting:
It offers you many unlimited features such as hosting space, hosting connection speed, etc., as well as being safe.

More to your site that is not often available in free hosting.

Free hosting:
– As for free hosting, it includes the features of paid hosting, but in a limited way, as the hosting service providers.

– Provides free hosting as a kind of publicity for their services and promotion, but with limited services to be suitable for personal sites and mini services for beginners.

– For example, if paid hosting offers you 100 GB space, for example free hosting offers very limited space.

– It is between 5 to 20 GB as a maximum, as it is suitable for most personal websites that do not need more space.

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Paid hosting features:

1- Large area: one of the most important features that website owners need to ensure the operation, stability and security of their site.

2- Full Control Panel: It includes many tools and varied options that you will not find with free hosting.

3- Multiple price plans: It provides you with many different price plans, to suit the plans and needs of the site.

4- Various periodic offers: Hosting service providers create periodic offers and discounts on plans.

Hosting to attract customers, which in turn achieves great satisfaction and happiness for the service seeker.

5- Security: Hosting service providers are keen to provide the necessary support constantly to provide to maintain security and stability.

Your site, paid hosting offers a lot of various protection measures such as your own hosting firewalls.

6- Technical Support Services: Paid hosting providers strive to provide distinctive technical support services to their clients in addition to solutions to all problems that meet users quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

7- Interconnection with the search engines: The paid hosting is characterized by being automatically interconnected with the search engines and this will improve the appearance of your site.

8- Speed ​​and performance.

9- Providing unlimited e-mails for your site.

10- Do not display ads on your site.

Free hosting features:

1- It contains most of the features of paid hosting, but with very limited services.

2- Free hosting offers you only one email.

3- Beginners who do not have financial capabilities can use them to raise their personal sites.

4- Its area is suitable for personal sites and small sites.

Disadvantages of free hosting:

1- Weak protection so it is not suitable for commercial and important sites.

2- Free hosting space is very limited.

3- The email provided by the free hosting can only be used very limited for sending or receiving

4- The speed of data exchange is very limited and this will make the site slow.

5- Free hosting is permanently deleted if there is no interaction on it within a period ranging between 30:45 days from the date of the last interaction.

6- The sites that work on free hosting are not compatible with search engines, so visitors can only access a site by sending the link to them.

7- Most of the free hosting puts its own ads in the front of your site

8- Free hosting does not allow the use of a limited number of sub-domains, ranging from 3: 6 sub-domains.