The importance of the corporate Website

The importance of the corporate Website

With the increase in the use of social media, one rarely turns to the importance of websites, but when the company ignores the creation of its own website, it loses many available opportunities, there are many things that can be achieved from the website, the most important of which is helping the company to increase the growth rates in a way unexpected.

Today we’ll cover some of the benefits your company can get from creating a website, that might change your mind if you’re ignorant.

The importance of e-marketing

1. Accessibility throughout the day
Everything on the Internet is available for access 24 hours a week, all year round, and the customer does not exert much effort when deciding to order a service or purchase a commodity through a website.

You can also reach the largest possible number of customers in different countries and geographical regions, especially with the increasing interest in electronic commerce and shopping sites, your website may become the main interface for your company’s business, whether you are selling a commodity or providing services of various kinds.

2. Gives you credibility
On a personal level, when I hear about any company in any field, I immediately go to the “Google” search engine so that I know more about the company and the services it provides. As if the company is without a website and is satisfied with social media accounts, it loses much of its credibility and customer confidence in it.

The importance of paid hosting

3. Provide convenience to users
Imagine that you want to buy a good or get a service, but you have to go to the company or facility that sells the commodity or provides the service, I think you will think twice before going to the facility’s headquarters.

On the other hand, what if everything is available online, you go to the company’s website and find a simple summary of the company’s activity and the services it provides with its prices, or find a catalog of the goods it sells with the price of each commodity and the home delivery feature, the difference is very big.

4. Excellent marketing
When your company is online, marketing opportunities become endless. For example, if you sell men’s watches, you can with a simple search on the Internet you can find websites and blogs that address the male audience, and reserve advertising space with them at very low prices compared to the prices of ads on TV or the street, as well as Your arrival is guaranteed for the target segment.

You can also use social media to advertise your website, for free even if quite a number of users talk about you there.

The importance of the corporate website

5. Increase and move sales
How does any firm achieve its profits? Spend less than you earn. In this case your expenses will decrease dramatically as long as you depend on the Internet to market and display your products, as we mentioned in the second point above, it will not cost much monthly to keep your site running, and at the same time you can receive purchase orders at any time (morning and evening).

6. Access to new markets
When the idea of ​​your company is expandable, you will not be able to reach the desired growth volume if you do not have a real presence on the Internet. Imagine reaching your audience in all Arab countries. We are talking about tens of millions of users daily that you can target easily and at very low costs.